Why we are chosen By thousands of customers

  • Reasonable

    You don't need to worry about
    much initial cost as moving in.

  • Multiple

    English, Chinese, and Korean support is available for the whole process of renting.

  • Personal

    Each resident has
    their own room and key.

How reasonable our service is

-Key Money
-Brokerage fee
-Management fee
-Heat, light & water expenses
-Fire insurance fee
-Guarantee fee
-Lock exchange fee
-Cleaning fee
-Furniture fee
-Management fee
-Guarantee fee ※
-Fire insurance fee ※
-Lock exchange fee ※
-Cleaning fee ※
※Case of over half year contract

70% cheaper

normal apartments


What we offer our customers

  • Service

    -Support for call with multiple language
    -24hr Security system
    -Cleaning (Common space only)
    -Basic equipment (Garbage bag, Toilet cleanser, Sponge, Handsoap,
    Pipe cleanser, Toilet paper, Kitchen detergent)

  • Private Room

    -Air conditioner
    -Single bed
    -Desk & Chair
    -Monitor intercom

  • Common Space

    -Vacuum cleaner
    -System Kitchen (IH)
    -Rice cooker
    -Cooking equipment

    -Washing machine
    -Drying machine
    -Shower room
    -Hair dryer

What our customers are saying

  • I moved in the apartment 1 week after I decided to live here, it was as easy as booking a hotel and the price was reasonable. The apartment interior was very clean. The staff said it was built one year ago. It’s located 5 mins away from the nearest station, but it is extremely cozy and not too noisy.
  • It is the first time living in Tokyo for me. Renting a house was much easier than I expected. The life inside the house is extremely comfortable thanks to the free Wifi, free utility, house keeping, etc. I would definitely highly recommend this service to anyone.

Our properties

  • Shinjuku
  • Ueno
  • Kita Senju
  • Adress
    Nakano-ku, Wakamiya 3-42-17
    Nearest Station
    Toritsukasei St./Seibu-
    Shinjuku Line
    Kouenji St./JR Chuo Line
    Walk to nearest station
    6 mins
    Time to terminal station
    ①Takadanobaba St./ 11 mins
    ②Shinjuku St./ 14 mins
    ③Shibuya St./ 27 mins
    65,000 yen
    Management Free
    20,000 yen
    Water & Electricity
    Women only
    Number of single rooms
  • Adress
    Arakawa-ku, Higashinippori 3-1-4
    Nearest Station
    Mikawashima St./JR Joban Line
    Minowa St./Tokyo metro Hibiya Line
    Nippori St./JR Keihintohoku Line
    Walk to nearest station
    7 mins
    Time to terminal station
    ①Ueno St./ 6 mins
    ②Tokyo St./ 14 mins
    65,000 yen
    Management Free
    20,000 yen
    Water & Electricity
    Women only
    Number of single rooms
  • Adress
    Adachi-ku, Chuohonmachi 2-8-8
    Nearest Station
    Gotanno St./Tobu-Isezaki Line
    Walk to nearest station
    10 mins
    Time to terminal station
    ①Kitasenju St./ 3 mins
    ②Akihabara St. / 18 mins
    50,000 yen
    Management Free
    20,000 yen
    Water & Electricity
    Women only
    Number of single rooms

How it works

  • Contact

    Go to this contact page
    and then call for support to
    our office or fill in the  form.

  • Choose the property

    We can offer you the best
    property suitable for your needs
    and budget. In-person viewings
    available upon request.

  • Choose the date

    Choose your move in date.
    You can move in starting today!

  • Contract

    Come to our office.
    You won't be bothered
    from complex paper work.



Q. What do I need to bring when I go to the office?
Just bring your passport AND one of the following items (Alien Registration Certificate / Working Visa / Right of Permanent Residence / Working Holiday Visa). Also bring 1 month payment of the rent and Guarantee fee, which is half of 1 month rent.
Q. What do I need to do before moving in?
You just need to buy the futon so that you can sleep comfortably.
Q. Is this housing safe?
There is no need to worry. We use HOME ALSOC, the No.1 Japanese Home Security Service. All rooms are also equipped with secure locks.
Q Is there a curfew?
A No, there isn't. However, all residents are told to be quiet when returning home after midnight to avoid disrupting their neighbours.
Q Can I park my motorbike near my place?
A It depends on the house. Please contact us for further information.
Q I don’t understand any Japanese. Is that OK?
A Of course! Our job is to introduce you to the best house for you, all in English during the whole process. Plus, most of the other residents also can’t speak Japanese so there’s no need to worry.
Q How many times a week does the house get cleaned?
We have cleaners clean the house twice a week to ensure that all our residence areas are clean.

About us

Founded in 2013, Tokyo Share House is a new service that makes it cheaper and easier to live in Tokyo
-bilingual languages available, innovative pricing, painless renting process.
Tokyo Share House is a revolutionary pioneer in the real estate industry in Japan .